Fund Manager

CAPITALTRUST-SEC Registered Fund Manager

Nigerian Fund Manager

  •   Operational since 2006
  •   CAPITALTRUST Investments & Asset Management Limited
  •   Registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Nigeria as Fund/Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisers
  •   Major Clientele include 70% of Nigerian Insurance companies, other corporates and a pool of High Networth Individuals
  •   Strong relationships with major financial institutions
  •   Structured Finance in excess of $16million so far in 2015
  •   Funds under management currently at about N500million

Key Responsibilities

  •   Laying down an adequate system of internal controls and risk management.
  •   Exercising due diligence in ensuring the maintenance of the assets of an Infrastructure Fund and shall ensure that there is no avoidable deterioration in its value.
  •   Recording the details of its decision making process in buying or selling infrastructure companies’ assets together with the justifications for such decisions and forwarding same quarterly to the Trustees
  •   Ensuring that investment of funds of the Infrastructure Fund is not made contrary to provisions of these Rules and the trust Deed (or other constituent document of the Fund).
  •   Instituting such mechanisms as to ensure that proper care is taken for collection, monitoring and supervision of the assets by appointing a service provider having extensive experience thereof, if required. AFRICA

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Disclaimer: An investment in the Fund is subject to significant risks of loss of income and capital and Shares in the Fund will be subject to restrictions on transfer. There will be no public market for the Shares in the Fund and they will not be negotiable on the capital markets. ... See more

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