Investment Philosophy

Ensure security of asset and remunerative projects

 Monopolistic/high barriers to entry
  •  Committed end-user (e.g. state utility in case of a IPP)
  •  Significant demand/supply gap (e.g. a road upgrade project between 2 high density cities)
  •  First mover advantage leading to high entry cost (e.g. if local sponsor has access to critical resource like land and permissions on which a project is developed)
Stable & secure opportunity
  •  Strong policy / government support
  •  Clear legal documentation
  •  Credit enhancement as required (e.g. ISPOs etc)
Value generation through life-cycle of investment
  •  Holistic value addition across project development (as applicable), project construction and project operation
  •  Value creation from Day-One (e.g. urban infrastructure)
  •  Addresses ability to develop, construct and operate on the ground in similar markets
Clear and quantifiable execution visibility
  •  “Realistic” resources evaluation (e.g. labour and equipment availability)
  •  Assessment of achievable efficiency in African context (e.g. dry/wet season evaluation, skills evaluation)
  •  Identified risks associated with project interfaces (e.g. sub-contractor performance, logistical dependencies such as access to port)

Disclaimer: An investment in the Fund is subject to significant risks of loss of income and capital and Shares in the Fund will be subject to restrictions on transfer. There will be no public market for the Shares in the Fund and they will not be negotiable on the capital markets. ... See more

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